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Service Description: BIA Regional Boundaries and names. For contact information, refer to the BIA offices points or the BIA Regional website.

Delivery of program services to the federally recognized tribes and individual Indians and Alaska Natives, whether directly or through contracts, grants or compacts, is administered by the twelve regional offices and 83 agencies that report to the BIA Deputy Director-Field Operations, located in Washington, D.C.

Each regional office is headed by a Regional Director who is responsible for all Bureau activities within a defined geographical area except education, law enforcement and functions of an administrative nature. The typical Regional Office includes a Deputy Regional Director for Trust Services and Deputy Regional Director for Indian Services.

The Deputy Regional Director for Trust Services oversees a staff of specialists responsible for natural resources (water resources, forestry and fire, irrigation and safety of dams), agriculture, (farm, pasture, and range), fish, wildlife and parks and real estate services (land acquisition and disposal land title records office, probate, rights-of-way, and lease/permit).

The Deputy Regional Director for Indian Services oversees a staff of specialists responsible for transportation (planning, design, construction, and maintenance) and Indian services (tribal governments, human services, housing improvement).

The twelve regional offices are located in the heart of Indian Country with the agencies located at the reservation level.

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